Best Website Analytics Tools for Beginners

One of the main advantages of having your business online is the ability to track every single visit that happens on your website. In this tutorial, we will look at the best website analytics tools for your site.

Analytics can provide you with valuable insights on how to improve and offer your visitors exactly what they are looking for.

Physical stores implement complicated systems which track and analyze how people behave during their visit. When you own a website, all it takes is installing a simple tracking code and you can instantly start collecting valuable data for your business.

So, let’s look through some of the best analytics tools for your website which have quickly become an industry standard. Premium versions are available, however, if you own a smaller website, the free versions will offer absolutely everything you may find necessary.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics dashboard visualizations. Google Analytics is one of the best website analytics tools.
Google Analytics dashboard

Analyze website performance

Google Analytics is the most popular tool used to analyze website performance and traffic. 

With Google Analytics you can check how your visitors engage with your website, which pages they visit, how long they spend on your website, what traffic sources they come from, what events they trigger (i.e. ecommerce sales & revenue), etc.

Visitor data

You can use data provided by Google to figure out what audiences your visitors belong to, for example, demographic data or even interests based on other websites they visit (i.e. Technology, Fashion, Automobiles, etc.).

Traffic sources

One of the greatest features of Google Analytics is analyzing visitor behavior based on the channels that bring traffic to your website.

Furthermore, you can use UTM codes in order to group traffic based on different marketing campaigns, i.e. source – “Facebook”, medium – “Paid”, campaign – “Black Friday 2020”, content – “funny_video”.

You can even check if the same visitor has come to your website several times through different channels or marketing campaigns before they completed a purchase or a registration.

Create audiences for marketing campaigns

Visitors can be grouped into segments based on specific actions they’ve taken (or not taken) on your website. These segments can be used to create remarketing audiences for your Google Ads campaigns. 

This can be a great feature, if you wish to launch personalized remarketing campaigns to people who have already visited your website.

Learn how to use Google Analytics

You can check out this full walkthrough guide on how to use every standard Google Analytics report on

Also, be sure to complete the free courses on Google Analytics Academy


Hotjar heatmap example. Hotjar is one of the best website analytics tools.
Hotjar heatmap example

If you want to dive even deeper into the nitty gritty details on how visitors engage with your website, you should check out Hotjar.

Hotjar is one of the best website analytics tools for discovering very specific details about your website.

Should that paragraph be shorter? Do people notice that ‘Add to Cart’ button? Should that button be red or green?

All such details can be analyzed with Hotjar. It has quickly become one of the most popular UX analytics tools on the web right now.

Create Heatmaps

Once you launch a new page on your website, it may be interesting to find out how visitors are interacting with that page.

To figure this out, you can record a heatmap of your page. A heatmap will draw a visual with the most important information, such as:

Which elements do your visitors click on the most?

How many users scroll down to a particular part of the page?

Record Sessions

A really amazing Hotjar feature is being able to record whole sessions by your website visitors.

You can find blindspots where visitors get stuck and abandon your website.

Gather Feedback

Collecting user feedback is a very important step in improving your website.

With Hotjar, you can launch polls or even collect surveys with open-ended questions from your visitors.

Learn how to use Hotjar

The great news is that even Hotjar may sound like a very complex tool, using it is fairly easy.

Check out this great tutorial written by Hotjar on their blog.